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This is one of the first 'People Portraits' that I have produced in years!

Not to mention the first time I have drawn nipple piercings!

Life drawing was always one of my favourite subjects to study and I can't remember how many naked people I have drawn over the years. The human body is such a amazing, beautiful and wonderful thing.

At times I can get so enjoyably lost in blending and highlighting skin tones that time just no longer exists for me and the current Portrait is the only thing that matters. Sometimes even begrudgingly taking a break and finally going to bed when my eyes are so dry, tired and blurry from hours of continual concentration on one single image. I think I must somehow be an 'In The Zone' junky and I love it when time just seems to stop and you are just so totally lost in the moment. 

Because of the amount of time spent on the said blending etc. I 'had' decided to avoid People Portraits with the odd sketch of animals, being a quicker alternative,... that was until I had a conversation with this 'Handsome, Sexy Cowboy'.

After us meeting a number of years ago and having a conversation about art I was shown his extensive portfolio of amazing modelling images that I had to make a exception to my rule, 'yes' it did take me a long time to create this portrait with lots of dry, blurry eyes to show for it 'but' this is the final stunning image and it makes me happy every time I look at it and he loved it too!

I must say it was a complete pleasure to work with someone so creative, professional and a perfectionist both in his profession and also in his personal life; with an attractive confident awareness of his image and how he likes to express his own personal style.


p.s. he's also a lovely person and a Gentleman.

Thank you Cowboy!

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