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This is a Floridian Flamingo

that I saw while on holiday a number of years ago, he was hanging out with this friends and just chillin in the shade of some palm trees during the midday heat.

Elegantly striding around with his extra long legs. His bright and vivid plumage was stunning with the sun light slightly dappling highlights on to his amazing coloured feathers. 

I just stood and watched mesmerised by this stunning bird until finally I had to carry on with my day.

I took a photograph of him so I could take his beautiful image home with me and then finally over a year ago decided to try and recapture as much detail of this magnificent bird in a portrait that could do him justice.

I am very pleased with the final drawing, it is very detailed and did take many weeks for me to complete but I am happy with the results and I hope like me, you agree that he made a very 'Handsome' and 'Stunning Model'!

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