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Take  a Second Look

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         Observing Life and People watching 

(One of my favourite past times but not in the dictionaries Dodgy Voyeuristic way)

Although a type of Voyeurism could be considered a social norm of our modern-day life style with a lot of popularity amongst the current Reality TV shows, Celebrities, Media, CCTV Surveillance and of course the Social Media.

I'm talking about the innocent viewing of life and the diversity of people as they go about their normal day, but without any of the Drama.

Photography is a quick way to capture a moment that could quickly pass and be lost if a camera was not at hand and with the technology of phones and iPads it has opened up a whole new world for the documentation of life for everybody.

I wouldn't consider myself a Photographer but I've been taking photographs since the age of 14 and I love the accessibility of it to all. 

I was accepted as a contributor on a well known Stock Photography site a number of years ago but it was more about me testing myself to see if I could pass their high technical standards.

I'm more interested in if I like the image rather than how commercially viable it is or if anybody else likes it.


Photography for me is more about using another type of Medium and to add the Camera to my collection of 'Play Things' in my toy box of paints, pencils, and tablet etc.

I am very excited about the newest addition to my 'Toy Box', a Birthday Gift to myself which is a Drone

( affectionately named Derek ) so I will be able to take my own reference photographs for my drawings from a aerial view. I've already clocked up some great filming (that I still have to edit) in the City of Manchester, The Maldives and Barbados, if I'm brave enough I'll pop the filming results on this website and maybe add some funky music.

And so to my Picture......

It is simply called - Take a Second Look.

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